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Does your website serve its purpose?

Have you Ever Wondered what is the Main Purpose of your Website?

I have asked this question almost every day in the beginningĀ of internet era.

Some times even today when My Client Asks me to design a Most Creative Site I Can Make.

At every Algorithm update, Google releases it, again and again, telling us the answer.

Before Discussing the Answer let me clarify why we created a site, I created this site to Share my Knowledge and expertise with the world and to provide Some Value to the world where I belong to.

  • Educate the Customers about our Products and services.
  • Explaining the Customers about the Products and services we Offer.
  • Serving them After Purchase of our Products and services.

YES, For sure the Main purpose of our website is

By Considering the above facts google clearly Point out ONE Thing CUSTOMER.

HE( or SHE) is the Purpose of our Business.


let we check it

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Keeping"IT" Simple by Karthik Ramachandiran

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