8 Factors to choose a best web hosting company


Choosing a best web hosting company?

Everyone in this Digital marketing field will accept with me like Choosing the best Web hosting company will be the Most Difficult Task Of the decade.

choosing a best web hosting company

If you are the One

  1. Who is thinking of Best Web Hosting in the world
  2. The One who is Fed up with your Current Web hosting Company,

then this Experience is For YOU.

Stay tuned for the Answer.

Because the person who is writing this felt the same before a year. 

What is Web Hosting?


In the technical language, we can confuse this term as much as possible,

but in Simple Terms,

Web hosting is like renting a house in real life.


In this case what we do, every month we pay the rent to the landlord and we use the house like our own.


The same applies to web hosting too,


we pay some hosting fee [rent] to the web hosting company [landlord] to hold our website files in their server [house] so that our website can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


P.s: the same hold true for application hosting too.


Types of web hosting 

In real life Real Estate Deal, there are classifications like Apartments, villas, hotels.

In web hosting also most commonly there are three plans

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting

1.Shared Web Hosting :


This Plan is Like renting an Apartment Building, Same single Server [Building] Resources will be Shared Among the Users[tenants].


This Plan is Most commonly Preferred by Beginners and Low traffic websites.

Obviously, this type of Hosting plans are cheaper compared to other plans.

But the same will affect the Performance too.

if some website on the same server uses more resources then it will affect all the websites.

it may lead to slow websites, the sometimes website shut down too.

But if you choose your Web Hosting Provider wisely then you can escape from these problems.

P.s: I have many websites running in this plan without even a single issue.


2.Dedicated Web Hosting :


This Plan is Like renting a villa/individual Building, here  Total Server [Building] Resources will be Used only by a single Website Users [tenants].


This type of Hosting Plan will cost you a lot of Money.

Performance of websites hosted in this plans will be Excellent Compared to other plans.

This type of plans mostly used by Niche websites and High Traffic websites.


3.Reseller Web Hosting :


This Plan is Like Staying in a Hotel, all the security and legal parts will be taken care of the reseller company [Hotel Management ] so we can just go and host our website [ stay] there with pleasantly.


The Reseller hosting company [hotel management ]will rent the Server [property] from some other Person [original hosting company].

This type of Hosting Plan will give more freedom than shared hosting.

Performance of websites hosted in this plans will Depend on the reseller company

[if its a 5 Star Hotel you can expect High Performance if its budget hotel performance will be optimized as per the pricing].

This type of plans mostly used by web designing companies to provide best services to their clients.


How Much will It cost?


There is No simple answer to this Question.

But the answer may be it Depends.

Yes, you heard that right.

It Depends on the Hosting type you choose, company you choose, the features they offer.

But the Most common cost of web hosting plans Ranges from 2$/ Month to 2000$ Month.


  •  Shared hosting, it Ranges from 2$/Month to 30 $/Month.
  •  Reseller Hosting it ranges from 12 $/Month to 300$/Month.
  •  Dedicated Hosting it ranges from 120 $/Month to 2000$/Month.


All Pricing Listed here is approximate. consider with your web hosting company for the latest and final price.

But in Selecting the best web hosting company this Pricing part Plays a major role.

Most of the Hosting Companies Plays little tricks to Pull new customers to their consumer base.


  1. Giving a free domain Name for the first year[normally it will cost 10-15 $ ]
  2. Reducing the price for the First time [normally 9.99 $/ month now it reduced to 3.99$].

Be sure to check this with your web hosting company!


 we hosted in a web hosting company they give the Domain name free for Lifetime [ oh not for a lifetime! till we will be their customer], the same renewal price every year [3.99$/Month ]

What to Expect?:

This is the Step where Most of us spend our time on researching for the Best web hosting company in the world.

some so-called digital media experts will say this is the best hosting company in the world after visiting the site they refereed we will find this company is not my cup of tea.

There comes the wisdom

“ one size will never fit for ALL”


So I made research to find the things that are most important to look for while choosing the best web hosting company. [let our same house hunting example continues here too].

Let me ask you a question?

Try to be honest! [for yourself !]

What are all the thing you look for a perfect house [here web hosting company ].

The Most Common Factors to look for a house [web hosting Company  ] hunting experiment Looks similar like this.



It should be Spacious [big enough ] to hold all of our household items.

the same goes for web hosting too Space [normally called Disk Space] allocated to our website needs to be sufficient to hold our contents.


2.DATA Centers:

It Should Be easily Accessible from All areas of the town. In Web Hosting Hunting Our Website Should be easily Accessible from anywhere in the world.

so the web hosting company should have a well equipped DATA Centers.


3.Latest Hardware:

Some house with 15-year-old accessories and a new house with latest technological accessories like a smart home.

Which House will you Prefer ?.

The same Principle applies in choosing the web hosting too.

Our web hosting company should have the latest hardware and Software Infrastructure.



It Should be a  24/7/365 secured Place to stay Peacefully.

Like this our web hosting Company Should offer 24/7/365 Security to our website both Physically and Virtually.

Physical security can be obtained by State of the Art DATA Centers.

Virtual Security Can be provided through Latest Security Mechanisms for the Servers.


5.Pricing Plans : 

It should Fall Under Our Budget [Pricing].

Here Comes the Main tricking part of Most hosting Companies.

they Offer Initial offers Like Free Domain for First Year, the First month Hosting free, Initial Pricing will be low.


if you hear any offer from your Hosting Company Be ALERT.


LIKE our House hunting Example, Best Hosting Companies will be sometimes costlier than others but the value you will get will be even higher than you Pay.

P.s: currently this website is hosted with Affordable web hosting company which is giving the same renewal price for every year.

6.Support :

This is the most important thing to look for while choosing the best web hosting company.

Initially while hunting for a house [web hosting ] the Support Provided by the Owner [hosting Company] plays a major role in the deal.

If the owner  [hosting Company] gives poor support we can move away from him.

on the other hand, if the owner  [hosting Company]  gives a world-class support you will never hate them right.

because this is not the single transaction thing it’s your website [business].

If something goes wrong there should be someone to help.


7.Regular Updates :

This step is not important in our house hunting journey, but it can help a lot in web hosting choosing journey.

Because this is most important to keep all the softwares up to date, to avoid Hacking attempts.

The world is full of hackers to be in safer zone be sure to check whether your web hosting company is regularly updating its software to the latest one?


 This is the final step of choosing the best web hosting Provider.

Really this step will separate the real One from Fake One.

Ask the web hosting provider to Provide their users Feedbacks/reviews.

Go through them, read all reviews, and choose them whether they will be Best for you or Not.

 As we already said, “one size will never fit for ALL”.


Next Steps :


I Hope this piece of information will give some clarity for you in choosing the best web hosting company.

But here I can share my review of the hosting company which I use more than a year now.

By considering the Above factors I am so much Impressed with their Service and Support.

if you want to try them head over here and find it for yourself.

P.s: this post contains some affiliate links. If you the service using this link the company gives me some compensation. It will never cost you more than the pricing  but it will help me to produce the same kind of informative informations in future .   Thanks for your support.

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