Consider a scenario,
Your beautiful Morning, You try to Start your productive day ahead,

  • Imagine you are Organizing a wonderful event. on the booking date, you find all tickets are bought by BOTS in a fraction of seconds.
  • you are collecting emails from your subscribers by offering wonderful content you have, by end of the day you find all email list is filled with bots in seconds.

Guess what will be Your reaction, GOD Please send somebody to KILL the BOTS.
I face it every day, I hope I am not the only one who faces it, YOU Also face the Same.
we hate the word SPAM.
The most intelligent brains of World also HATES SPAM.
So it Launches Some Spam Saving Technique Called “Captcha”.


In the beginning of internet era SPAM Fighting effort Started Like this.

To submit the form the math Operation needs to be Solved. the developer thoughts it could stop BOTS. but it definitely NOT.

in 2003 group of Carnegie Mellon University students Invented the First CAPTCHASystem which Looks Like this.

A CAPTCHA will have a text box down the bottom, where you are required to write the words down.



For example, here, one would write ‘JR448’

At this time Captcha used by the Internet Crossed more than More than a million per day, Here comes the challenge more CAPTCHA Databases scanned all the Books Available and Digitized them used OCR Softwares to recognize text. Separated The Texts which are hard to identify by OCR software added them to CAPTCHA Databases.

As Google Says,

CAPTCHA digitizes books by turning words that cannot be read by computers into CAPTCHAs for people to solve. Word by word, a book is digitized and preserved online for people to find and read.

CAPTCHA Solving Per Day raised to 100 Million Per day This Time Google Helped them with their Google maps Database. they identified the Street Numbers Not recognizable by OCR Software and fed them to CAPTCHA Databases.




The Numbers Skyrocketed, now they ADD audio Support to The Captcha mechanism. Developers feel This will Help them to solve SPAM Problems. But Definitely Not.




Here Comes the new problem, CAPTCHA Solvers
You read it correctly, they Charge around 0.7$ for 1000 Captchas.





Meanwhile,  At Google Found, only 33% of humans Solved the CAPTCHA correctly but BOTS Solved it by 99.8%.

At this time google is introducing Semantic Approach to its SERP Pages Using Hummingbird Algorithm.
They decided to use the Same Machine learning Concept to Spam Fighting.
By this Thought, next version of CAPTCHA Born.

No Captcha- ReCaptcha: Easy on humans hard On Bots.




As Google Says,

Purposefully designed. And actively aware. reCAPTCHA knows when to be easy on people and hard on bots. Our easy CAPTCHAs are a breeze for legitimate users.


It’s Really Simple For Users as Google suggests. Just Click on the Box that’s it you are verified. But Bots It’s a Night Mare.

Because this time Nothing to Solve, everything is to verify the details like,

  1. our IP address,
  2. Timestamp,
  3. country,
  4. details from your browser,
  5. and some undisclosed parameters.


If google thinks Still you are a BOT You Need to Solve some addition things like

“select all the squares with street sign”



So Best Brains in the world are put to work for you in the journey of SPAM Fighting. why worries have a great life.

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With care,

Karthik Ramachandiran

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