What exactly a "Wow"website?

When someone looks at your website do you want them to say, “gee, that really looks nice.’ Or do you want them to say, “Wow"

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What exactly a "Wow" website?

Every day, we go through hundreds of "different websites". In internet we can see an excessive number of sites in just a short time. Most of the websites that we visit are forgettable, they don’t leave a lasting impression.

What exactly is the role of design?

So, Is it to impress, seduce and "Wow" us, or does it go deeper than that? Are we approaching design with the right attitude?

When someone looks at your website do you want them to say, “gee, that really looks nice.’ Or do you want them to say, “Wow"

"Wow website" for a company:

For companies owning these websites, this is a serious matter. They need to choose an effective web page design, which catches the users attention in five seconds, otherwise they risk losing out on the potential customer.

Another word of caution:

First of all, do not think that only websites which feature a huge number of pages or look very jazzy other ones which people want to stick to. Even a simple website having an effective web page design can be great to surf if these factors are incorporated into it.

"Wow website" is a very abstract and subjective method for describing a website design. It means different things to different people. and it really depends on the persons definition of the term 'wow' and the individual user’s aesthetic tastes.

Website Designer Mentality:

The only way that the designer can produce a website that has "Wow" website in the eyes of the client is to first find out exactly what the client means when they say they want a design with the 'Wow' website.

Seems like,The "Wow" website comes primarily from the images, which are a component of the company’s visual identity or brand. A company’s brand or public image is made up of, logos, illustrations, colors, photos, design elements and text messages.,

wow website

There are different ways that we remember a website.

The Content We remember Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, and other blogs because we go to those websites daily for their great content.

The Design Some websites have extremely creative designs. These websites are easy to remember as well.

​​​​​What we capture when searching on internet:

The “Wow” Website Sometimes, while looking at a website and browsing through its pages, we will see something that will make us say “Wow!” It could be a simple transition, a background change, a color switch, or even a unique animation that will cause us to remember the website. That is what I call the “Wow” Website.

Use your branding to add ‘the wow’.

Branding and visual identity supports to the "Wow" website and that should primarily be used to give your site a personality.

Wow website

If your identity tells about you, it’s likely your website is a "Wow" website. When briefing your project, focus on a personality that best represents your business and attracts the right kind of user – good designers are skilled enough to present this through look, feel and tone.

Focus on experience more than aesthetics.

The main role of digital design is to provide an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. It should be holistic and help the users forget they are using a website.

Creating paid-free user journeys in the wire framing process will set your website up for a seamless user experience.

Keep it simple.

Over complicating a design, trying to be completely different, or changing the feel to ‘Wow’ can extremely narrow your user base and reduce conversions.

keep it simple

A website that truly "Wow" using a mix of innovative design and technology will often forget it’s functionality, usability and purpose in favor of creating a talking point. 

Simple and usable design will focus the user on the content that your site offers.

Design for your users.

The main purpose of creating a website is to satisfy a user’s need, so keep your users heart of everything when designing. 

When building your site your goal should be to keep it as simple and effective as possible. Name each page appropriately and make sure that the sub navigation relates to its main navigation option.

If you have a larger site map, create a utility navigation, a smaller navigation bar found in the top right of some websites, to avoid overcrowding on the main navigation bar

The "Wow" Website for Business

First of all, The "Wow" website is a commonly used slang term in business that most often depicts what a company does to go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering a great product and service experience.


Most often, it relates to exceptional customer service in which an employee gives the customer more than he expected or something he did not expect at all.


The "Wow" website offers small business and other companies with certain marketplace disadvantages the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition for customers looking for more than just a good price.

One very positive experience prompts customers to come back for repeat visits. Over time, several consistent and very positive experiences of a similar vein lead to customer loyalty, the strongest connection your business can make with its customers.


The "Wow “website can also occur during a business presentation in which the company presents its brand, product or service, or in a sales presentation in which a salesperson uses visual support to enhance the presentation's impact.

By adding powerful visuals, impressive audio and visual support, or other unusual touches to a business presentation, you can impress your audience to the point where they feel compelled to respond or act.

wow website for business


Some companies make the "Wow" website a prominent element of their customer service approach, whereas others simply rely on good employees to routinely impress customers.

Typically, to get employees to offer more than they and customers expect, you must make impressing customers a specific goal.

Managers can role-play with employees on how to go above and beyond in common sales and service scenarios to leave a memorable impression

Communication and training can help your company or brand "Wow" customers regularly.

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